Please note new clinic address:

Dr Malatt's rooms are now located at Jacaranda Medical Centre Alstonville:
13 Commercial Road, Alstonville, 2477 

​Phone 02 6687 2433 (same)

Jacaranda Medical Centre Alstonville – Dr Anne Malatt

Doctor Anne Malatt is an ophthalmologist / eye surgeon / eye specialist, operating in the Northern Rivers region of NSW Australia. Her private rooms are located at Jacaranda Medical Centre Alstonville and she performs surgery in nearby Lismore. . . read more
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Doctor Anne Malatt Eye Specialist / Eye Surgeon
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Natalie on the phone at JMCA Reception
Jacaranda Medical Centre Alstonville clinic rear entrance
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Dr Malatt is an ophthalmologist, or eye specialist. She trained as a general medical practitioner and then as a specialist in diseases and surgery of the eye, and has been in clinical practice since 1992. 

Monday       9am - 5pm
Tuesday       9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 3pm
Thursday      9am - 5pm
Friday           9am - 3pm


Dr Malatt's rooms are now located at: 

Jacaranda Medical Centre Alstonville: 13 Commercial Road, Alstonville, 2477 
​Phone 02 6687 2433


Disabled parking and  wheelchair access is available.

A word of welcome

Regular eye health checks are important, as eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration may cause no symptoms in the early stages. If picked up early, they can be treated, and if diagnosis is delayed, they can cause visual loss and even blindness.
Your eyes are part of you, and taking care of the whole of you can help take care of your eyes too! We care for your eyes with this understanding, and we care for you too.

If you feel impulsed to do so, please contact the rooms and make an appointment to see us. We would love to see you!

This site is full of useful information and some great pictures, but it is not a substitute for a personalised consultation with a trained professional. If you would like your eye health checked with Doctor Anne, please contact the rooms to book an appointment.

“As you ought not to attempt to cure the eyes without the head,

or the head without the body,

so neither ought you to attempt to cure the body without the soul…

For the part can never be well unless the whole is well.”


~ Plato, Charmides

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