As our eyelids age, the tissues can stretch, causing drooping of the upper lids or drooping of the lower lids. 


What is ptosis?

Drooping of the upper lid is known as ptosis.

More commonly, the skin of the eyelid stretches and sags (see blepharoplasty) but sometimes the underlying muscle that lifts the lid up and down stretches, and this tendon needs to be tightened up with sutures. Usually the excess overlying skin then needs to be removed as well (blepharoplasty).

What is ectropion?

As the tissues of the lower lid stretch, the lid can droop and turn out – this is called ectropion. The lid looks unsightly, as the conjunctiva inside the lid is exposed and becomes red and inflamed. The eye may water as the tears can no longer drain into the tear duct, and the lower eye is no longer protected by the lid, so it can become dry and irritated.

Ectropion – Before and After Surgery

What is entropion?

As the tissues of the lower lid stretch, the lid can droop and roll in – this is called entropion. The eyelashes can rub on the eye, causing discomfort and inflammation.

Entropion – Before and After Surgery

All of these problems can be corrected surgically.


The surgery is performed in hospital as a day case procedure under local anaesthetic, with sedation if you are feeling anxious.


The lid position is restored surgically with cutting and tiny stitching.


If you think you may have one of these conditions, Anne can answer any questions you have in person, and discuss the details of the specific procedure with you.


Please Contact the Clinic if you would like to know more.

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