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Seeing can be relaxed, effortless and enjoyable. To see clearly, our eyes move constantly and the muscles are relaxed for distance vision and focused for near vision.

Very few of us are born with strong refractive errors (short sightedness or long sightedness or astigmatism) requiring glasses. More commonly, because no-one actually teaches us how to see (which is just opening ourselves up and allowing ourselves to receive light) we can unconsciously stress and strain as we learn to see, fixing our eyes on one spot, which causes loss of clarity. We then stare and strain more to try and see clearly, which may lead to muscle tension and our eyes going out of focus, so that we need glasses.


These unconscious habits can be changed, and we can learn to see more clearly and easily.

Gentle exercises we can all do every day.



Everything begins with conscious attention to the breath. Many of us hold our breath when we try to do things and this will increase the tension in our bodies and around our eyes. Begin by sitting still and focusing on your breath, with your eyes closed (do not do this while driving!). Breathe gently in through the nose and release your body as you breathe out. As you feel more relaxed, open your eyes and stay with your breathing as you allow yourself to receive what you see in the world.



If you consciously and gently blink and breathe, especially when performing focused visual tasks, this breaks fixation, preventing fixed staring and strain, and rests the eyes and lubricates the ocular surface.



Rest your elbows comfortably. Place your gently cupped palms over your closed eyes, with fingers overlapping on the forehead, leaving enough room to be able to breathe gently through your nose. Relax your body, breathe gently, and rest in the stillness.

Please Contact the Clinic if you would like to know more.

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