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Coronavirus update 29 March 2020

Updated: Apr 12

Hello everyone,

Life in the time of the coronavirus is constantly changing, and here we will attempt to provide you the most up-to-date information as it relates to your eye health and care.

As of 1st April 2020, the Australian Government has cancelled all public and private elective surgery for the foreseeable future. This is to free up people and resources – medical supplies, hospital beds and ventilators – to deal with the anticipated rapid rise in cases of coronavirus.

Elective surgery by definition means it can wait, for the weeks and months it will take us to ride out this storm. Emergency surgery can still be performed, but the decision as to what is an emergency and how urgent it is, will be undertaken by the relevant hospitals.

With regard to your own appointments, please feel free to cancel anything that is non-urgent, unless you are concerned about your eye health in any way.

We will remain open for business, to care for anyone who is concerned about their eye health, to provide injections for macular degeneration and other needed treatments, and to see all emergencies, as long as we are permitted to do so.

If you are not sure what to do, please call us on 02 6687 2433 and ask.

We cannot see you if:

· You have been overseas within the last two weeks

· You have been in close contact with anyone with coronavirus

· You have symptoms of a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, aches and pains, tiredness or headaches (all of which can be similar to the common cold or flu).

If you have any of these, please call us before coming in and we will make arrangements for you to be taken care of.

If you would like to be seen here, but are concerned about coming in to the clinic, please call the rooms and we will help you decide whether you need to come in person, or whether we can help you over the phone.

Doctor is available for telemedicine consultations but these rarely apply in the case of eyes. Without testing your vision, looking into your eyes and checking your pressures, and sometimes performing extra tests, it is impossible to provide complete care, and we can do none of this via a computer! Please call us and together we can decide how best to serve you.

We have always been very thorough and care-full with our hygiene here, and now we are even more so. We are fully compliant with all NSW Health guidelines and take all the precautions needed to minimise the spread of any infection, including coronavirus. Our office is light and airy with plenty of room, so it is easy for us to maintain the social distances required while you are waiting. You can also wait outside or in your car and we can call you when we are ready to see you.

We are all well, and plan on remaining so and are doing everything we can to care for ourselves and each other deeply at this time. We look forward to seeing you and serving you soon,

With warm regards,


Dr Anne Malatt

This information is provided to inform and support and is not a substitute for medical advice with your own doctor. Please consult your doctor if you are concerned about your health.

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